And you need to watch it! These are just a few reasons why I love this series, I could go on for hours about how it has influenced me in the last year. Get ready to fall in love!
  1. Rae
    She is hilarious, insecure, loyal, wild and real. She is struggles with depression and body issues, in a way that made me weep because it felt so true to many of my own experiences.
  2. The Music
    The series are set during the 90s in the UK, so the music is pure 🔥. You can listen to them all on Spotify. Series 1:
  3. The friendship between Rae and her best friend, Chloe
    They help, they hurt, they laugh, they misunderstand, they protect each other in equal measure. True portrayal of friendship.
  4. Finn
    If you don't fall in love with this boy by the end of the series...I mean, you will. Complex and goofy, his tenderness towards Rae will give you the chills.
  5. The Style
    Do you love the 90s? Okay perfect! The best 90s style.