I have watched the first 4 seasons of Teen Wolf in the last 3 weeks and I have a lot of questions/feelings. This list will probably only interest me.
  1. I am very here for the friendship between Stiles and Scott. They are pure adorableness.
  2. Scott is kind of dumb? But really loyal and honest, which I guess makes up for it.
  3. Half the time I have no idea who the bad guys are?? They are bad, then good, then bad again and I can't really keep it straight.
  4. Lydia. She has definitely had the best character development and I love how smart she is and how she proves people wrong all the time because they are judging her based on her looks. She is just my favorite.
  5. Parents actually care about their kids, though not enough to move them away from this supernatural town where bad things are always happening. At least they are trying to parent?? But maybe they are actually bad parents?? Also conflicted about this, maybe.
  6. Also, lots of hot guys without shirts. First felt kind of creepy about this but looked up the actual ages of the actors and now feel fine. Not sad about it at all.
  7. ...
  8. ...
  9. ...
  10. Honestly I find a lot of the dialog pretty funny. Like sometimes I laugh out loud.
  11. I am 13. The End.