1. The Food
    I miss all my favorite places to eat. Torchy's, Hop Doddy, Tamale House, Kerby Lane, any and all BBQ, Lick, Amy's Ice Cream, Taco Deli, the taco truck off Riverside Drive. I miss being able to have tacos any time of the day or night.
  2. Live Music
    I miss being able to go out any night of the week and listen to an awesome band. I miss seeing all of my favorite people in concert.
  3. The University of Texas
    I wish walking around campus, attending classes, and studying in the library. I miss walking by the tower when it is all lit up.
  4. Barton Springs
    I miss spending my afternoons reading by the pool and once I was hot and sweaty, jumping into the water. I miss floating and sticking my feet out of the water, because they would get so cold. I miss the old people swimming laps and the babies in their cute suits.
  5. Sunsets
    I miss the pink candied skies. I miss driving home from school with my windows down and the sky going on forever.