This semester has been the hardest semester of my school career. But I will be done with all my presentations, projects, and papers next week and then I can relax. Here is what I plan on doing!
  1. Sleep
    For hours and hours.
  2. Browse at my local bookstore
    Just wandering and reading and enjoying the proximity to books.
  3. See a movie (or several) in theaters
    Creed is first on my list because Michael Bae Jordan. Then Mustang and Mockingjay Part 2.
  4. Read
    I have a stack of library books that I have wanted to read all semester but have not had time.
  5. Write letters
    Thank you letters, friend letters, love letters. All the letters.
  6. Craft
    Sew a new dress or do some water coloring. Make some holiday cards with glitter.
  7. Bake a Cake
    Celebration begins now!