1. Hmm, usually the driver gets off at this exit.
  2. Guess she must be new.
  3. She doesn't seem to be getting off at the next exit either...
  4. (Looks around) No one seems concerned that we just passed our exit.
  5. What bus did I get on again?!
  6. Oh 987, not 983.
  7. I am going to be very far from my car, like miles.
  8. (Sitting at the bus stop) I think I am in the right place now, my correct bus should be here soon.
  9. Ooo, 97 degrees. Love being sweaty.
  10. This was the perfect day to forget my hair tie.
  11. And my book.
  12. And my water bottle.
  13. Oh here comes my bus!
  14. And it is passing me!
  15. Oh no I am at the wrong place!!
  16. When does the next one come?
  17. An hour?!
  18. Okay, well good thing I have my phone!
  19. 10% battery?!
  20. Okay bai.