Flowers I've received or simply spotted and loved
  1. When Jordan surprised me by coming home from camping early
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  2. Jordan snuck this rose into my luggage when I went home for Thanksgiving two months after we started dating. I found it when I started unpacking. He picked it from the bush behind his apartment
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  3. A surprise from Jordan :)
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  4. These were from our GA wedding reception
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  5. I picked these while walking down a country road in Galena, IL
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  6. Flowers + Breakfast in bed for my birthday!
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  7. Surprise from Jordan :)
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  8. Jordan brought me these when he picked me up from the airport
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  9. Surprise from Jordan on Easter :)
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  10. Spotted these in a flower box and stayed way too long staring at them
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  11. From our one year anniversary in NOLA
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  12. Bouquet my boss got. I had never seen most of those flowers before
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  13. Jordan sent these to me while he was away camping for the week
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  14. Spotted in a flower box in Montana
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  15. I planted these myself!
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  16. These too!
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  17. Our first flower purchase from Pikes Place Market in Seattle
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  18. A gift from the Zeifman family!
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  19. I've kept it alive through the winter!
  20. Poppies!
  21. Jordan cheered me up on a difficult day