A bucket list
  1. On a playground
    On the swings get that real momentum going
  2. On an airplane
    Why not
  3. In an office
    Dramatically push everything off the desk and get bangin
  4. In a laundry room
    Well I'd check this one off but it was good so I'll do it again
  5. In a church
    I have a confession to make
  6. In the ocean
    as long as there's no sperm whales
  7. On a boat
    I'm on a boat bitch let's get it rockin
  8. On the metro
    Shit gets lonely
  9. In school
    The lecture hall is usually empty
  10. Hot air balloon
  11. A trader joes store
  12. In a movie theatre
  13. Trampoline
    Bounce bounce bounce yeaaaa