And the bad ones that follow
  1. Retail therapy
    Until u realize u just spent $150 on some shit you'll wear once and that money could've bought 15 chipotles
  2. Satisfying the munchies
    Until you're sedated on the ground with sticky hands and feel guilty and disgusting
  3. Diving into your cold sheets at night
    Until you can't find a comfy position and have to keep flipping the pillow and adjusting your phone charger because fuck apple for not making quality chargers
  4. Orgasming
    Until u start feeling disgusted with urself and u just need to sleep
  5. Finishing a book
    Until ur upset that it's over and there's just nothing to live for anymore
  6. Eating that delicious meal at a nice restaurant
    Until your plate is clean and u realize it's only been 5 minutes ur starting to feel sick and you look to see that your date has only finished about a quarter of theirs
  7. I always do that :(