A collection of foods that have been interfering with my Beyoncé bod hidden under the layers of my winter warmth
  1. KD
    Had it for the first time in three years last week and I feel as though I've missed out on three years of my life.
  2. McD's french fries
    Salted, golden, crispy. What more could you ask for?
  3. Cherry amaretto ice cream
    It doesn't matter what brand cuz this poison will hook and reel you regardless
  4. Kimchi instant noodles
    Currently consuming a bowl as this list is composed. The perfect lullaby to prevent hangovers after a dangerous and spicy night out.
  5. Starbucks frappuccino
    Frappy hour just started and I'm rolling out their door every day from 3-5. No, they do not sponsor me in any way.
  6. Crunchy Cheetos
    If you're still feeding on Cheetos puffs you need to reevaluate your life. Come to the dark side- it's crunchy.
  7. Tim Hortons iced caps
    I swear half of my consumed calories in a day are drank rather than chewed.
  8. Ramen
    I work at a Japanese ramen restaurant so it's hard to avoid. Just so you know, ramen threatens the livelihood of your arteries.
  9. Eggs Benny
    Savoury breakfasts are my go to. Brunch seems to be a trending social activity these days. The creamy hollandaise sauce is heavenly. I order it despite being lactose intolerant... Is hollandaise made from mayo or cream or both or neither?¿
  10. Burritos
    Not that burritos are unhealthy... But it definitely deserved to be included in a list full of good food. Don't forget the guac!