Welcome to my randomness
  1. I'm a dork
  2. I never wear plain white socks
  3. Former film student
  4. I watch Friends every year from the very beginning
  5. I'm obsessed with nail polish and own over 200 bottles 😶
  6. Breakfast at Tiffany's is my favorite movie
  7. Sunflowers are my favorite flower
  8. Halloween is my favorite holiday
  9. I LOVE Doctor Who
  10. I'm a TV fangirl
  11. Batman is my superhero
  12. I'm impatient, insecure and at times hard to handle (part of a Marilyn Monroe quote 😁)
  13. My boyfriend is cooler than yours
  14. I named my cat after Pippin from LotR
  15. I own four different copies of Titanic. (VHS, DVD, DVD special edition and Bluray)