All my favs in one place! Plus one of my favorite quotes for each
  1. Chandler Bing - Friends
    "You have to stop the Q-tip when there's resistance!"
  2. John "J.D." Dorian - Scrubs
  3. Dr. Cox - Scrubs
    "Oh, my god, I care so little I almost passed out."
  4. Pacey Witter - Dawson's Creek
    "The simple act of being in love with you is enough for me."
  5. Phoebe Buffay - Friends
    "I wish I could, but I don't want to."
  6. Walter Bishop - Fringe
    "I'm aware I'm not wearing pants, Peter. I'm not an idiot."
  7. Schmidt - New Girl
  8. Joey Tribbiani - Friends
    "Joey doesn't share food!"
  9. Felix Dawkins - Orphan Black
    "I need to change. Fetch me something gay."
  10. Nick Miller - New Girl
    "I’m not convinced I know how to read, I’ve just memorized a lot of words."
  11. Phil Dunphy - Modern Family
    "I'm cool dad, that's my thang. I'm hip, I surf the web, I text. LOL: laugh out loud, OMG: oh my god, WTF: why the face."
  12. Cory Matthews - Boy Meets World
    "We're all a little weird and when we find those people whose weirdness is compatible we join up with them and fall into a mutually satisfying weirdness and call them our best friends.”
  13. Peyton Sawyer - One Tree Hill
    "Guess I’m just a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside a bitch."
  14. Dr. Bob Kelso - Scrubs
    "Seriously, am I having a stroke, or is someone making an omelet?"
  15. Seth Cohen - The O.C.
    "I'm just having an allergic reaction to the universe."
  16. Liz Lemon - 30 Rock
    "Really? But I already have a drink. Do you think he'd buy me mozzarella sticks?"
  17. Lorelai Gilmore - Gilmore Girls
    "Because my brain is a wild jungle full of scary gibberish."
  18. Captain Jack Harkness - Doctor Who
    "Captain Jack Harkness. And who are you?"
  19. Dwight Schrute - The Office
    "There's too many people on this earth. We need a new plaque."
  20. Jim Halpert - The Office
    "The boat was actually plan C. The church was plan B and plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago."
  21. Ninth Doctor - Doctor Who
    "I like bananas. Bananas are good." - Nine
  22. Tenth Doctor - Doctor Who
    "I'm a time traveler. I point and laugh at archaeologists." - Ten
  23. Eleventh Doctor - Doctor Who
  24. Michel - Gilmore Girls
    "People are particularly stupid today. I can't talk to any more of them."