Love Actually

I'm currently watching Love Actually and I'm making it my mission to watch it once every week. I know that makes me a loser, but 💁🏽. With that being said, I decided to compile a list of my favorite scenes.
  1. Every time Jamie dropped off Aurelia. (But specifically the last drop off ❤️)
  2. When the Prime Minister was trying to find Natalie and had to sing Christmas carols to kids (I can't find a GIF for this. I guess this is no one else's favorite?)
  3. This
  4. When Karen spoke the truth
  5. That moment when Sarah and Karl have a moment
  6. Also, when Sarah can't control her feelings (aka all of us)
  7. This scene where Karen is just like...
  8. That moment when Sam is like "no."
  9. When the Prime Minister is dancing...
  10. And dancing some more...
  11. And even more dancing
  12. Billy's take on drugs...
  13. When Rick... I mean, Mark, walks out on Juliet after she finds the video and he's all like...
  14. Colin Firth. Just every single scene he's in because, well, he's Colin Firth
  15. All of the scenes when Aurelia and Jamie are saying the same things. But specifically this scene after jumping into the lake
  16. Karl sitting on the bed in just his undies and spitting out truth
  17. When the Prime Minister and Natalie get caught making out on stage
  18. When Sam returns from seeing Joanna and this happens
  19. And obviously, this 😭❤️😊😢❤️