1. People who chew with their mouths open
  2. Liars
  3. People who listen to music on public transportation without headphones
  4. People who listen to music really loudly even though they have headphones on
  5. People who suddenly stop walking and stand in the way
  6. People who try and squeeze onto an already packed train
  7. People who stand in front of the doors when I'm trying to get off the train
  8. People
  9. People who walk really slowly
    I live in NYC, you shouldn't be walking slow. Unless you are old. Then you get a pass.
  10. Men who hit on me while sitting in a car
  11. Men who whisper things to me as they walk by
  12. When people don't say thank you after holding a door open for them
  13. People who walk around thinking that their shit doesn't stink
  14. Tourists
  15. Tourists who don't know how to use a Metrocard machine
  16. Tourists who don't know have to use a Metrocard
  17. Idiots
  18. People
    I know I wrote this already, but seriously, people.
  19. Strangers on the street telling me to smile
  20. People who don't move out of the way when I say excuse me multiple times and then catch an attitude with me when I push them out of the way
  21. People who ride their bikes on the sidewalks even though there are bike paths on the street.
  22. People who think Ben Affleck is the best Batman
    Get. The. Fuck. Out.
  23. Ass kissers