Reasons Why Perdro Pascal is Love

In honor of season 2 of Narcos premiering today, I decided to create a list of reasons why Pedro Pascal is love with pictures. Because everything is better with pictures. Especially pictures of Pedro Pascal
  1. I mean, look at how sexy he looks holding up his head
  2. Here he is looking adorbs while holding a bottle of beer and a Funko Pop figurine of Tyrion
  3. This image doesn't even need a title
    But please excuse me while I pick up my underwear from the floor. They seemed to have slipped off...
  4. Because he looks dapper as fuck in a tux
  5. And he's super adorbs!
  6. Here he is being pensive and hot. How does he do it?
  7. Let's take a moment to remember the great Oberyn Martell
  8. That laugh/smile/arms/everything
  9. Ugh...
    I can't...
  10. Hot guy reading on the train aka the way to my heart
  11. Who looks cute while sipping from a coconut? Pedro Pascal that's who!
  12. Hey, Pedro!
    My place or yours?
  13. Here he is again looking dapper as fuck with Oscar Isaac
    I know this is a list about Perdo, but Oscar Isaac is 😍
  14. Because he could still get it even with that terrible choice in hair color
  15. Because brooding Pedro Pascal is yum.
  16. And lastly because he's Pedro. Pedro fucking Pascal.