TV Characters I Love to Hate

  1. T-Bag, Prison Break
    He was one of the worst on Prison Break and one of the worst guys on TV!
  2. Moriarty, Sherlock
    I mean, it wouldn't be a villains list without this guy!
  3. Ramsay Bolton, Game of Thrones
    For those of us who watch GoT (which should be everyone, but those who don't, WTF is wrong with you?!) We all know this guy was a fucking douche box, but I can't lie and say that I didn't love how much of a fucking douche box he was.
  4. The Trinity Killer, Dexter
    Creepiest bastard ever, but also gave us one, if not the best season of Dexter.
  5. Eli Pope, Scandal
    This. Fucking. Guy. He's such a bastard. An evil bastard, but he's great at it! I mean, just look at the way he talks to his own daughter in that GIF!
  6. The Master
    What an evil little bugger!