I actually remember these
  1. Doctor
    In first grade, for back to school night, we had to make a paper doll version of ourselves dressed as "what we wanted to be when we grew up". I distinctly recall the yellow yarn hair, the white lab coat made of paper, and the name tag that said Dr. Melissa.
  2. Judge
    Specifically, a Supreme Court Justice. Sandra Day O'Connor was someone I read about frequently on Microsoft Encarta. This phase continued through high school.
  3. Lawyer
    Then I started to realize that I'd have to put my time in as a lawyer before I ever got to be a judge. I was down with this idea through most of college, even though I majored in Spanish.
  4. Undecided
    I ended up with a liberal arts degree and no real direction in a post 9/11 job market. I started in Human Resources but after almost two years, the cubicle life was not for me.
  5. ESL teacher
    Went back to graduate school to become an elementary ESL teacher. Ended up teaching Italian in high school...which led me down the path...
  6. School leader/administrator
    Yup. Supervisor, principal, etc. Right now I'm one of those and working on my Ed.D. So I'll be Dr. Melissa after all!