Seven weeks out and housing has not been found.... Keep looking
  1. Make appointments to look at apartments, 1 down 5-6 to go. Don't forget to schedule the one you found on Friday.
    I've been looking for 4 days and found 6 possibilities, first is a no go and four appointments scheduled
  2. Starting declutter in the bathroom.
    Take inventory and only keep what you will use. Toss or donate the rest
  3. Start packaging and organizing you project area. Review patterns, organize and store what you don't need in the next month and a half.
    Toss papers, donate items where they can be used. Only keep specific projects out to work on. Remember you ordered materials for gifts needed in the next couple of months. You can start them, when the yarn arrives.
  4. Separate DVDs and move to bedroom so you have something to watch without the internet.
  5. Pack up books and store them under the desk
    This also means pack up the craft desk/sewing machine.
  6. Start going through the storage unit.
    Post items on the garage sale site that can be sold. Donate items.
  7. Pack up Kitchen gear that isn't used often
    Extra pans, only keep out the essentials or frequently used pieces. Wash pans/pots/bakeware to remove "Pam" film from them. See Pinterest
  8. Clean out your trunk of your car. Toolbox needs to go back inside.