My 10 month old child hates being in the car more than just about anything. This makes even short road trips a living hell for us. This Thanksgiving, we are driving 3.5 hours north of LA, and this is how I'm surviving.
  1. Go to your happy place
    I don't know about you, but my kid has a threshold of 30-45 minutes in the car where he is happy. This is less than ideal for a road trip, as this usually results in deafening screams. Which as we all know (or can imagine) is 👌🏻 for driving long distances. Very zen. 🌿
  2. Turn up the jams
    When those ear-splitting screams really get going, just pump the jams and pray he falls asleep soon.
  3. Pit stops
    When the screams don't stop, pull off for a coffee break and give the kid his snack of choice and try to reason with your child who is too young to reason with. Pray for silence on this next attempt to make it to your destination in less than 8 hours.
  4. Rearrange the whole car in a parking lot
    When traveling with more than one adult, and the kid still won't stop crying, rearrange the whole car so there is room in the back seat so one parent can sit by the kid and distract him.
  5. Last resort
    Pull up a cartoon/tv show on the iPhone or iPad and plop it in front of the kid. If all else fails, this will usually do the trick. Finally. Your eardrums can catch a break. 👂🏻🔫💥