I cosplay as a hobby, so this is just going to be a smallish sampling, lest I break lists
  1. Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - gold ballgown. It has about 5 layers of fabric in the skirt. Complete with bonus Prince-husband.
  2. Princess Zelda. Except I didn't have a blonde wig. I did have prosthetic ears though.
  3. John Constantine (gender swap). I even painted tattoos on my arms. Pro tip: liquid eyeliner is great for that.
  4. Indiana Jones (gender swap). Complete with bag of props (grail diary, bag of sand for idol snatching)
  5. A Dalek(-inspired dress). I couldn't sit down in it due to styrofoam domes all around the skirt. I did get to carry around a plunger and a paint roller (sans sponge) and be totally legitimate.
  6. Dana Scully - this one was fun because I attempted to dye my hair red and ended up looking like I killed a clown.
  7. Star Trek (later TNG movies/DS9 style) operations commander. Sometimes I add Trill spots to be fancy.
  8. Stargate officer, blue BDUs. I like this one because my combat boots are possible the most comfortable shoes I own.
  9. About 6 different pirates. I have a box just for pirate stuff. My favorite is a persona I created called Black Molly
  10. Slouchy Jedi - one time I took all the linens in our hotel room and made passable Jedi robes. I always travel with a light saber, which tied the look together.