Oh the places you'll go...
  1. The Suburbanite - They use Marta only to get to the airport. Still can't figure out the fare gates. They clutch their luggage close, building a fort around them. Are perpetually unsure of when to get off, despite it being a straight line.
  2. The Music Man - Loudly plays music through phone speakers, or headphones hanging around their neck. Whatever they jam to, the whole car gets to enjoy as well. Can evolve into The Concert if they sing out loud as well.
  3. The Preacher - Provides sermons for your ride home. Generally pleasant, if somewhat loud.
  4. Typhoid Mary: A walking plague. Hacking, sneezing, nose snerking. Pockets full of tissues. Typhoid Mary will almost certainly sneeze on you at some point.
  5. The Underclassman - mostly seen on Friday and Saturday nights or after football games. Yells "woo" a lot. Drunk. Normally has a handler in tow.
  6. The Magnet - This person sits next to you, despite there being open seats all around the car. If you are standing, they hover. Perhaps they are chilly.
  7. The Sleeper - Often found on the morning commute. Hopefully they won't miss their stop due to naptime. Can be used as The Magnet if their slumber causes them to lean on a stranger.
  8. The Newbie - the person who, despite having actually collected a paper map, misses their stop.
  9. The Cutting It Close - sneaks on the train just as the doors close. Bonus points if they do not trigger the doors to reopen.
  10. The Bum - though this could also be a free space
  11. The Ultra Commuter - Boards train with a bicycle. Bonus points if they keep their helmet on.
  12. The Adventurer - a kid on their first train ride. Practically glued to the window.
  13. The Oversharer - Loudly carrying on cell phone conversations, almost exclusively over personal matters, such as family drama or health problems. If you make eye contact, they will glare at you, as though you are invading their privacy.
  14. The Wobbler - stuck standing, the Wobbler either cannot get a good handhold or grossly overestimated their balance skills, and constantly falls into the people around them.
  15. The Delivery Man - for whatever reason, this person is stuck transporting something awkwardly sized, comically large, or otherwise ridiculous on the train. Often seen around Christmas or Dragon Con.
  16. The Conquerer - that person who somehow takes up 2 or more seats, especially during prime commute hours. They *could* put their bag on their lap, but why *should* they?
  17. The Enforcer - the one person bold enough to confront the Conquerer directly. Makes seats free up.
  18. The Interpreter - An old pro, the Interpreter is always able to decipher the conductor's updates coming through the loudspeaker.
  19. The Feud - Counts for two spaces! The Feud is a couple who, having had a public disagreement, are now trying to ignore each other despite being stuck side by side.
  20. The Knockout - the person wearing a backpack who lacks the spatial awareness of where it is. Will hit you in the face.
  21. The Spewer - often a next level of the Underclassman, the turns and jolts of the train are too much for the Spewer, and they can't hold it in. If you time it right, you can jump to the next car at a stop to escape the smell.
  22. The Premature Entrance - despite having used doors likely their entire life, this person cannot grasp the concept of "exit first, then enter".
  23. The Dog Whisperer - somehow snuck a (non-service) dog, usually a chihuahua, in via purse. Bonus points if dog escapes and becomes The Chase