The ones you can't admit to at the dinner table without getting the in-law eye roll
  1. Netflix
    It's always there waiting for me
  2. My DVR
    See above
  3. Rum
    Down into my belly
  4. My Swiffer
    Keeps things clean both dry and wet
  5. The kids' bedtimes
    So I can watch the Netflix
  6. The 2014 Yellow Jacket football season
    That was good. Can we have more like that?
  7. Cheese
    Should not need more explanation
  8. Socks
    Fun and functional!
  9. British Accents
    Makes everything seem fancy
  10. Benedict Cumberbatch
    See above. Plus, those cheekbones
  11. My bed
    A warm and happy place
  12. Wine
    Which may have played a part in this list