Maybe I'll eventually grow up for real
  1. Age 3-5: Peter Pan. I still maintain this is a valid career move. Great health benefits, self-employed, personal assistant.
  2. Age 5-10: Space Scientist. For all of space. I think I also wanted to work on a submarine but I found out that (at the time) the Navy didn't let girls on subs so I pouted and decided space > water.
  3. Age 10-15: Alternated between FBI agent (I watched a lot of X-Files and my expectations were...let's say skewed) and trauma surgeon. The FBI agent plan was ruined by learning about paperwork. The trauma surgeon plan was ruined by eyeballs and the squickiness thereof.
  4. Age 15-19: JPL chemist, working on fuels to take humans to Mars. But then O-Chem happened and I was out.
  5. Age 19-21: Math teacher. Except I am awkward enough around adult humans, teenage humans would likely not go well.
  6. Age 21-now: Software developer. And hey! That's the thing I do. Lookie there.
  7. Age the future: I'm pretty happy with the software gig. I think eventually I'd like to do more that involves math (specifically numerical models/simulation), but who knows?