As a 26 year old millennial, I am burdened with life crises on a daily basis. Don't judge me.
  1. Realizing a year later I'm still in love with my ex.
  2. Realizing that ex now has a new girlfriend.
  3. Wondering if I'll ever be in a healthy relationship
  4. Analyzing why I can be so self destructive
  5. Trump.
  6. Worrying about retirement and if I'll have enough saved
  7. The gender wage gap
  8. Wanting more dogs but not having enough space
  9. Missing being in school
  10. Lacking a solid community
  11. $5 in my savings account
  12. Aching and mourning for loves lost and loves not yet met
  13. Grasping for dreams that haven't been realized
  14. Being a millennial and feeling like every other generation hates you. We're cool!