1. The day I bought my dream car. My boyfriend and I drove out to check it out. It was the first time I didn't have my dad with me. I paid in crisp $100 bills. Like a baller.
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  2. The top floor of the parking garage at work. I love this city, and I love the morning light bouncing off the buildings.
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  3. A goofy, drunken photo of us on my birthday. 💖
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  4. Before I moved here to Dallas, my sister and I saw several shows at The House of Blues. This one was shot on our way there to see Anberlin.
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  5. Last November, my mom's family rented a house for thanksgiving in the Ouachita Mountains. The crisp air, no service, and the view...perfect. I loved that time.
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  6. The day I found out I got my job and apartment. Love you, Dallas.
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  7. One of my many early morning trips back to east Texas from Dallas. Those were sweet times.
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  8. Cute little spikey haired person.
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