My boyfriend and I recently broke up. I've been broken up with approximately 1,437 times so I'm good at the after stuff. (Not.)
  1. Say something mean and hang up the phone.
    This is the MOST mature thing to do. Name calling is extra bonus points.
  2. Cry immediately.
    But only after my cheeks get red and hot and my blood runs cold. Best kind of cry.
  3. Drink. (Optional.)
    I'm just saying. Jack + Coke is delicious.
  4. Tell those closest to me that won't ask a bunch of questions.
    I don't like to immediately talk about a break up. I took a few days before I told my best friends. I first told my family knowing they'd immediately encourage me and not ask a lot of questions.
  5. Get out of town.
    I recently moved back out of my parents house a couple hours away. I needed to immediately feel love and be surrounded by family. The day after the breakup, I skipped work and headed home. Arguably the best decision I've ever made. My family rules.
  6. Never be alone.
    I'm an extrovert. I sulked and wailed for one night and the following morning but then forced myself to be surrounded. My family followed me back to Dallas to spend the weekend with me. Thank god that was already planned. I'm working on making plans for the rest of the week to make sure I don't get too sad. Friends rule.
  7. Let myself cry.
    I normally hate any kind of love song or sappy movie. In recent years, ironically, I start listening to sad(ish) songs and watching sappy(ish) movies. i.e.: Today, Notting Hill and Adele's "Hello."
  8. Cry. A lot.
    Did I mention this already? After my divorce, I tapped unknowingly into a lot of emotions. I'm better able to express sadness and anger and can process it much quicker. This unfortunately means I cry whenever and wherever I am. Ex: in the shower, cooking dinner, my parents' living room, any parking lot.
  9. Know I'll be okay again.
    It used to take me months to realize I'd be okay. I'm three days out and after following the above list, I already know I'm going to be okay. Time to move on.