I haven't posted or updated a list since November 2016. Although that seems like such a short while ago, my life couldn't be more different.
  1. I found my dream person
    Remember when, like, every one of my lists was complaining about my ex or talking about how hurt I still was? Well, while sometimes I still want to set his eyes on fire and dig into his chest with a giant corkscrew, I couldn't be more in love.
  2. I started heavily volunteering
    Last summer I adopted my second dog after fostering her for a week. Soon after I started working on the social media team and managing the volunteer writers for the non-profit I adopted my pup from.
  3. Became a volunteer marketing director
    In October, my friend began Outlast Youth. It's a Dallas based organization that's in the fight to end lgbtq youth homelessness.
  4. Got a new position at work
    I only moved over two cubicles, but I might as well have moved a world over. 🙌🏻
  5. Gained twenty pounds
    Since dating again I've put on what I like to call happy weight. 🍕🌭🍪🍩🍦