Backstory: I've had the entire week off before I start my new job and have been able to reflect, a lot.
  1. Pulling my hair out of its messy night bun and realizing it looks, well, awesome
  2. Getting my eyebrows waxed. Something about that arch, yo!
  3. Finding the perfect hat to wear in Paris this summer.
    My family has finally decided to make the voyage across the pond to see not one but three countries. I'm so excited and was so happy to walk into Primark today and see the perfect summer hat to blend in as a hopefully Parisian!
  4. Seeing two of my work friends for lunch
    Even though all we did was gossip about my old work it was so nice to see them. It makes me happy I have friends that I can count on.
  5. Discovering a new bookstore.
    Self-explanatory pure joy.