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Given that I spend a fat lot of time in airports around the world, I offer this as a public service to help ensure you are never stuck with eating at a Chili's in an airport again...if I can help it....
  1. One Flew South; ATL E Concourse
    I am biased, because Chefs Todd Richards and Duane Nutter cooked for a while here in Louisville, and because they have the most fantastic selection of bourbon rivaling some of the best cocktail lounges around. They have a wonderful wine list and amazing crafted cocktails. And the combination of incredibly fresh sushi (it is an airport, after all) and southern inspired dishes is absolutely amazing
  2. Plum Bistro; DTW A Concourse, near the center.
    They have Zingermans coffee, pastries and sandwiches. Need I say more? OK, well, you can also pick up artisan made snack items and sweets for your flight. Trust me, they'll be better than anything you get on the plane
  3. Tortas Frontera; ORD - several concourses
    From Mexican food master Rick Bayless - those stuffed sandwiches called "tortas" with authentic and not-so-authentic ingredients. The breakfast torta I had with eggs, queso fresco, avocado, and rajas was the most amazing thing I'd eaten...and I really don't believe it was only because I was coming off a 15-hour flight from India
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You just can't help it - one look and you're sucked in again....
  1. High Fidelity
    As a maker of mix tapes back in the day, and someone who describes their life in musical moments, it's perfect. Plus, he makes lists! This is a List App! Come on!
  2. Breakfast At Tiffany's
    Perfection, start to finish. "Moon River" on the fire escape, the day of "doing things we've never done," George Peppard in his most romantic leading man mode and the beauty that is Audrey Hepburn
  3. A Christmas Story
    I know the damn thing by heart. Yet I watch the 24-hour marathon on TBS every. Single. Year.
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