Matthew is 17 and the best thing ever. A moving picture of God's grace, one of the most vivid within my line of sight.
  1. He made sure I had I had ice cream/TV twice this week.
    He gave me ice cream the first time so I'd watch TV with him. He didn't have any. The second time he made sure I had a cone. 😭
  2. We had a lot of spats today but he let them go in the name of: nobody gets the ridiculousness of your family like your one sib.
    Mom: "What? No singing [allowed]?" when "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa was on.
  3. He didn't discount any of the driving encouragement I pushed myself to give him while the whole family was going crazy in the car.
    Working on that license...and that "should I stay or should I go?" at yellow lights.
  4. When I was sad he turned on Florida Georgia Line in the car and came around to my door when we arrived home to hug me.
    And didn't check his shirt for damage from my tears. FGL helps me forget about myself.
  5. He rang the doorbell a bunch of times right after being about to leave for a trip he was antsy to not be late to.
    "I forgot to say goodbye. *hug* BYE!"