1. A Costco pack of Burt's Bees original lip balm
    Second place: Pomegranate; Third: Açai; Pls no: Mango
  2. One more clear, portable hand sanitizer
    No fruity Bath & Body Works
  3. Lash curler for almond eyes in gold from Sephora
    Just realized?/saw? they have these!! This would probably save me time in the morning...
  4. A bunch of Pilot G2 .38 pens
    Used to be religious about these and now I'm all about ball point pens I find or get at events...
  5. Another iPhone charger or 2 (white)
    Would be so great just to always have even another cord in the car (bought one micro USB one by mistake at target...$5 lost eh)
  6. Apolis cypress fig candle
    I just got one for the first time in 2 years so since I have one it's kind of repetitive but AMAZING and my family doesn't hate the scent of it!!
  7. Ankle socks
    For some reason I only have like 2 pairs right now...
  8. Salami
  9. Maybe some white figs
  10. The nice fig crackers at Pavilions that don't have olives
    Ooooooh and Brie but the kind that comes in a little container to reseal 😂
  11. A solid black tea
    I'm relying on wonderful Sadaf right now but we need a good English breakfast 💔 Maybe Steven Smith teamaker
  12. A drip coffee thingy and a small pack of filters
    Obviously unqualified to have one but I want to use our ground coffee and do these ever come cheap??
  13. A new magazine I've never had or even better, heard of (there are many)