Because maybe this will make it easier to do next time:
  1. Blurb Blurb
    Fragments of thoughts/quotes/bullet points
    If there is one
  3. Researching stuff I've already been interested in
    Hey that reminds me of this thing
  4. Studying own thought process, why did I connect those? Why is it interesting to me? Scrutinizing illustrations
  5. STUDY Research STUDY
  6. Blurb Blurb
    More random bits
  7. Scrutinize research
    But did Teddy Roosevelt really say that?
  8. Inner doom
  9. Finally kick butt and lock self into writing close to word count
    Optional: 2 of my best friends shun me from talking to them until this is done. 1200 words later...
  10. Maybe sleep on it and edit mistakes later, sharpen
    So much easier
  11. Scrap that iteration and begin a new one like that draft is an exoskeleton
    Put that thing back where it came from or so help me
  12. Finally excited about the WORK of writing
  13. Another exoskeleton
  14. Probably finished product
  15. Editor's revisions
  16. Revise, clarify
    Probably continues to edit something not asked to be changed
  17. Editor's revisions/approval