I wonder what people call me in their head...
  1. The puppy man
    I think he buys a ticket every single day. Not sure why he doesn't buy a proper pass. Always holding his cute little Yorkie and wearing a vest and a dark grey beard. After he buys his ticket, he gets back into his black Mercedes...and that's it? I see him on the train sometimes.
  2. The pretty older Asian lady
    I sat with her one time. She's a delight. No she didn't say anything.
  3. Gentleman Shakespeare
    Always sits on the first floor of the quiet car. Has such a gentle face.
  4. Uncle Jeff?
    Can never tell if it's him but I think so...
  5. Ray
    He used to work with my dad. We are not friends but I think we have a camaraderie. Part of this means we have 0 pressure to sit together ever.
  6. Monica!
    My train mom! I love her. We met maybe the first week I began taking the train alone. Since we're both executive assistants, I see our relationship as a very cool, comforting business sorority. She has so many interesting experiences.
  7. Is he an accountant? The young husband
    Always in a grid-patterned button-up, slacks and carrying his messenger bag with the posture of one who has a messenger bag.
  8. The old Israeli jeweler
    Monica told me he's a jeweler and he sometimes takes work home in his little black rolling suitcase. Don't tell anyone else. He'll smile at you if you make eye contact.
  9. The my little pony haired girl
    She's probably my age. Maybe we would be friends if I wasn't 5 and loved having my parents right by my side?
  10. The LA lady
    We're technically all L.A. Ladies getting on this train but THIS one is so easily fashionable, wispy blond hair around large sunglasses, coffee in hand, earbuds in sometimes, and always a natural white button-up, smooth coat and cool shoes.
  11. The JW's?
    We're not sure. We think they're Jehovah's Witnesses. They're always at the train station with their little kiosk of tracts.
  12. The normal brunette ponytail
    Haha I know this is a terrible character name. She's also younger.
  13. Where did Mike go?
    I used to see him ALL the time! He works in finance and has been at some pretty cool places, like Heineken and Lucky Mag. Such a friendly, nice dad. I'd like to consider him part of my business fraternity. Yep it's a frat now. A parent frat. Wow...leave it to me to build a business frat and make it a parent frat! ...
  14. Girl with the blond bun who works by Mike
    Almost looks like Amanda Seyfried. Always wearing a bun, always wearing a backpack. Part of me thinks they're so lucky to be able to walk to the station; the other wonders how much I'd wander and be late.
  15. Auntie Angela
    Only if she's coming and going from her daughter's house in Orange County. In this case I'll probably get to see another auntie picking her up! We sat together in the bike car once and I asked her everything about her life before retirement.
  16. The one conductor who has to say the prolonged stop in Northridge isn't his fault
    "This is our scheduled stop folks, there's nothing I can do about it. Check the schedule folks, we're hear til 38." Although he may also be the one who re-opened the doors for me last Thursday when I RAN through Union and up the stairs to our track to make the train.
  17. The red luggage tram guy
    He makes me feel like a regular with his nod salutes!
  18. Andy
    Hockey guy
  19. My dad!
  20. My mom!
  21. My boy!
  22. The blond piano guy who wears athletic clothes