Is that a blanket scarf or a teepee?
  1. What is this
  2. What is that
  3. If I've finally found something in my size but missing a tag, is it free?
    Do I get a prize?
  4. Okay 30% off of that is...
    *whips out calculator app*
  5. Ugh this store is the magic beans of 17-24 year old women
    It's got all the mystery peasant shirts to prove it too.
  6. You sure this is an XS?
  7. You sure this is a shirt?
  8. Oh this is so soft
  9. Omg is this where the reasonably priced stuff is?
    Wait, am I allowed back here? How long til the mall police show up? What! $49.99 still?
  10. Do I look like Magellan in this?
    How about married to a chef or something? Oh I need backup.
  11. @rachweiher needs to text back NOW
  12. @rachweiher, @ roomie @hayleyhulin: TELL ME NO
    You do care about my good 😭
  14. Not today, Free People, not today.
    I brought only a single item into the dressing room. I can finally leave the store now. And yes, it really was an XS.