Hello world of lists!!!
  1. What. What wow. This is so much better than any listy app/site I've used
  2. I want to tell everyone but it's 4am
  3. I feel like a little Tiny Tower person expressing my Tiny thoughts.
  4. All these smart people with beta standing...
  5. This is the new and better Twitter!!! I think. I hope!! @bjnovak
  6. Oh no I already have 5 drafts and only 2 lists
  7. Titling lists feels like part headline-writing, part game show
  8. These abbreviated news articles posted as clever lists are like those brownies with blended veggies baked into them.
    At this point in my life perhaps I'd really be okay with that.
  9. My coolest cousin thinks this is lame thus far. He'll see.
  10. Thanks for bringing me to BJ Novak's Twitter @mindy
  11. Thank you for getting me Mindy's new book for Christmas @ cousin
  12. I love the all caps titling