But not the others.
  1. When seeing an old friend/acquaintance on one platform:
    "Hmm I wonder what she's... How many periods were in her handle again?" NOPE. IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.
  2. When using a browser to cheat on your cutting out of social media, checking your 3 friends' latest posts:
    "Uh who else DO I follow...?" No one. The answer is no one.
  3. This isn't really a thought — just impulsive scrolling/swiping to app:
    "This is why I need this."
  4. Soon after deleting an app:
    "OOOOOH maybe my phone will let me take pictures again!! Or...re-download Diptic so I can add text to new lockscreens I want to make..."
  5. When you finally press and hold and poof that app away:
  6. When seeing a post from one social platform re-posted on another:
    Lazy scrolling turns into "NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE"
  7. When a someone else's recently well-captured event gives some nice fodder of candids to the feed/album/story of one platform, but also at least one or two winners for a new profile picture:
    It's either "Ooh yes, that is a good one, you should pick that." or "Zero percent chance I'm about to look twice." After the first couple times you do this kind of social media break, you'll lose tunnel-vision curiosity and appreciate other people's published fun for what it is — published fun. For the people you actually do know, you'll just enjoy seeing their faces.
  8. When actually trying to figure out what you now have storage for on your phone:
    "So I CAN keep all these photos from 6 months ago?" "How much room does Shazam take anyway?" "Should I delete ANOTHER app?"
  9. When reading your bio on another social app:
    "Huh I should change the other one..." Ugh can't. Amazing.