1. Cashier at a Grocery Store
    For some reason the big cash registers and that thing that goes beep when you scan something over it always seemed really fun. Years later someone came up with the idea of "self check out" lines. Now we can all have "fun"!
  2. Writer
    I thought being a writer meant that Id also be rich and famous; at least famous enough to get on a talk show. (I also really wanted my own talk show, they're rich,right?)
  3. Waitress at Chilis
    Ok that's not true but when I graduated from college, my darling grandmother kept insisting that I go down to "The Chilis" and get a job as if I needed to finish college first before I pursued my real dream.
  4. Figure skater
    I'm probably some sort of plus size pioneer. I was convinced that the world needed chubby ice skaters. Then I tried ice skating and I realized its not that easy to jump and twirl with all that chub.
  5. Barista
    This was before I had ever seen a Starbucks. I'm not sure Starbucks was even a thing, but I was ready to devote my life to working at a coffee shop and being emotional. I was emo in elementary school before being emo was even cool.
  6. Librarian
    Because really what kid didn't love the library, even if they were pretending to not love it all that much. Let's put it this way, my mom sent me to the book fair with a blank check.