1. Inside a dog crate
    It was an older fully enclosed kind so I needed a flashlight for this one.
  2. In the bath
    Also devoted a significant chunk of time to trying to figure out how to read in the shower.
  3. On the toilet
    Which led to dropping my book in the toilet on one occasion.
  4. At a restaurant
    Nothing makes me happier than going out to dinner alone and reading.
  5. In a college information session
    I read my way through my sister's road trip of college visits
  6. On the floor
    One of the best places to read, really straightens your spine.
  7. Walking down the street
    Works well if you have fine tuned your peripheral vision.
  8. At a piano
    Playing repetitive scales is made better by reading simultaneously.
  9. In bed
    Always the best spot.