a funny/wtf thing that happened today

  1. hi guys
  2. today i went and watched don't breathe in the cinema with my sister
  3. it was alright
  4. it got me jumping and shit
  5. anyway
  6. sitting in front of us was a couple
  7. they were already super irritating even before the movie started
  8. girl was so loud that literally almost everyone was shushing her
  9. she was like doing commentary basically throughout
  10. and every time someone shushed her, the guy would act as if he's punching her like ??? what
  11. anyway the icing on the cake was
  12. there was one scene that just basically scared everyone so naturally we were all gasping and shit
  13. except for the guy
  14. literally he jumped and then proceeded to take off his tshirt
  15. and then put it in his mouth
  16. literally he was half naked for a good 10 minutes
  17. he was laughing and looking around as well
  18. he thought he was funny or some shit??????
  19. but everyone was just staring at him like bro wtf u aint funny shut ur trap, sit the fuck down, and watch the fucking movie like a normal person would
  20. thats basically it but it was just so ??? enraging/confusing/disgusting/funny that i had to put it down in writing
  21. have a good day everyone, i hope you wont have to deal with this kind of fuckery like i did