Up for grabs. Pics if you get one, please.
  1. A naked lady holding a pineapple like a baby
  2. Superman giving a nerd a wedgie
  3. An American eagle wearing glasses and a necktie, holding a briefcase in in his talons
  4. Popeye in a straight jacket
  5. Money with Prince Akeem's face on it from "Coming to America"
    "No, he's got his OWN MONEY!"
  6. Hyper-realistic portrait of Mrs. Doubtfire
    Possibly with caption banner "I AM JOB"
  7. Smurfs dressed as RUN DMC
    Probably Brainy as D, Hefty as Run and Papa Smurf as Jam Master J - but up to you
  8. The pizza where all the meatballs are souls from "Nightmare on Elm Street 4"
    Full back piece
  9. "Say Anything" boombox John Cusack wearing a Jason mask
  10. Topless Beyoncé centaur