Wouldn't we all like to be known for something? For me it is entertaining and food. I don't need the Sandra Lee tablescapes, but it would be nice if people would say, "Can't wait to go to Melissa's for Mole!" And I will serve wine and beer and we'll eat overlooking my garden and joy will fill our souls... Overboard? But it sounds nice, right?
  1. Homemade Pasta
    Ideally, I'd like to learn from an Italian grandma in Tuscany. Homemade pasta - what more needs to be said?
  2. Gardening
    My dream is to walk to my backyard and have an entire salad from my own garden paradise. Oh, and some flowers of course!
  3. Authentic Mole
    Yes! If you've never had it, try it. A well made chicken mole is one of the best things ever
  4. Turkey and fixings
    This scares me for some reason. Probably the years of build up and family tradition behind it. Fuck up the turkey and the entire meal is screwed!
  5. Coq Au Vin
    I tried this in my studio apartment with 3 inches of counter space when I was 24. It was grey in color and thick like paste. We still ate it because the only other food I had was Mac and cheese and Stagg chili, and that was reserved for Friday night. It tasted okay, but not like it should. Haven't tried it since.