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  1. On the day you die, the only thing that will have mattered is who you loved, and who loved you.
  1. Watch the entirety of 50 shades of grey, just because it was on and not because I wanted to
  2. Stared at my ceiling and tried to contemplate how many hairs on my head
  3. Failed at the above
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  1. Terrariums
  2. Kamasutra
  3. Massage therapy
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  1. Delight
  2. Joy
  3. Hope
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My mom's intuition is an actual sixth sense and anyone she dislikes turns out to be the absolute worst
  1. The cool girl in 4th grade who I tried to impress but was never able to
  2. Brady Orem, a sleazy wannabe tattoo artist I followed around my entire senior year
  3. Lindsay Lohan, I was really rooting for that damn girl
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  1. It's obviously a see saw. Ask anyone who has genitals
  2. Anyone
A little insight into my poetic mind
  1. I am very full
  2. I am very full right now
  3. Full is what I am
  1. Ashley
  2. Mary Kate
  1. 5:00
    Begin dreading the commitment you made to the university where you have to show up and do physical activity
  2. 5:15
    Audibly dread so everyone around you knows you're about to complain for a long time
  3. 5:30
    This is the time where you attempt to watch a full length movie, but never factor in that it takes at least 30 mins to choose what you want to watch on Netflix
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Here I have compiled a list of something I am very passionate about, soul mates. I feel that a lot of celebrity couples are superficial and annoying, but then occasionally we get to witness people finding each other because they've dedicated their lives to working on their passion, and the universe rewards them with their other half.
  1. Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mcadams
    If you have watched the notebook then I shouldn't have to explain this one. Their chemistry is crystal clear, and Ryan even stated that they were way more romantic in real life than they were in the movie. And do you remember when they accepted the MTV VMA for best kiss?!?!?! YouTube it shawty.
  2. Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis
    My favorite people in the whole world. Both previously divorced, met each other and formed a friendship first. They aren't afraid to talk publicly about how in love they are, and how silly their relationship is. Fauckin goals
  3. Chris Brown and Rihanna
    Put aside his anger and craziness... Then imagine the sex between them. Boom
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