1. A medium to express myself, a talent that could be received by others. A glimpse of something bigger speaking to you, or through you, that always found its way into my life when I most needed it
  2. A love that inspired me, surprised me, engulfed me, made me laugh, and reminded me of why we're here and what's actually important
  3. Financial stability, a solid job that I loved to complain about but was actually very grateful for
  4. A zany and interesting best friend who would frustrate me to the point of realizing the universe gave me her for balance, for teaching myself while I think I'm teaching her
  5. A totally dysfunctional family that I love wholeheartedly
  6. Access to a world of culture and art and history and music and inspiration at the touch of my fingertips, whenever I want
  7. Problems and made mistakes and ran into walls/doors that seemed sealed shut, and the resources and courage to work through the obstacles that will always come, in order to grasp the necessary ups and downs of being
  8. Support and friendship, drinking partners
  9. A vision of myself being someone who stands up for what's right for me, for anyone I love, and for anyone I know, in any context
  10. ...... Guess my life's pretty perfect, huh? 😊