1. 5:00
    Begin dreading the commitment you made to the university where you have to show up and do physical activity
  2. 5:15
    Audibly dread so everyone around you knows you're about to complain for a long time
  3. 5:30
    This is the time where you attempt to watch a full length movie, but never factor in that it takes at least 30 mins to choose what you want to watch on Netflix
  4. 6:00
    Realize Netflix has all the movies you never want to watch
  5. 6:15
    Try to force a nap
  6. 6:45
    Realize you can't force yourself to fall asleep
  7. 7:15
    Get ready at the absolute last minute to prove how annoyed you are that you have to go, even though no one witnesses this and you're only hurting yourself by being late
  8. 7:30
    Practice begins and it's almost always fun and you tell yourself not to be a brat about it the next day
  9. Next day
    Begin the complaining