I have way too many of those
  1. One of my best friends laughing in one of my favorite classes...her name is Hope too which just makes it all the better
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  2. My mom, my sister, and I...I'm the little chubby kid with the serious face!!
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  3. Blue raspberry lemonade!!!! This made my life complete!!!
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  4. Hogwarts is literally the best!!! And this picture though with the elf!!
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  5. "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!"
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  6. How my family watches a movie with me...they pick it, they fall asleep, I change it, they wake up....
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  7. Again bff in the best class ever!!
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  8. And the crazy one is my other best friend...
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  9. My coworkers!! It's like a party everyday
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  10. Munchkin kittens are the absolute cutest animals ever!!
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  11. Sunrise at 5:00am at Pawleys Island, South Carolina
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  12. My cute parents holding hands on the beach
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  13. So proud of this! Some of my best work!!!
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  14. My dad and I taken a quick selfie before Cheese Cake Factory with my girlfriends!!
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  15. Me and my nerdy friends in the self proclaimed AP Calculus Cusp Club in togas!!
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  16. Me and my sister's roommate's dog!! We fell asleep watching football!
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  17. Buzz and I during Georgia Tech homecoming!!
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  18. Sissy and I at T-swizzle!!!
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  19. Best lemonade ever...and it comes in raspberry flavor!
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  20. New fireplace outside with homemade grilled pizza!! So wonderful!
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  21. My grandpa, my dad, and I early on with one of our first gingerbread houses!!
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  22. Best way to eat!! WaHo at like 10:00pm after a tough swim meet!!
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