I have way too many of those
  1. One of my best friends laughing in one of my favorite classes...her name is Hope too which just makes it all the better
  2. My mom, my sister, and I...I'm the little chubby kid with the serious face!!
  3. Blue raspberry lemonade!!!! This made my life complete!!!
  4. Hogwarts is literally the best!!! And this picture though with the elf!!
  5. "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!"
  6. How my family watches a movie with me...they pick it, they fall asleep, I change it, they wake up....
  7. Again bff in the best class ever!!
  8. And the crazy one is my other best friend...
  9. My coworkers!! It's like a party everyday
  10. Munchkin kittens are the absolute cutest animals ever!!
  11. Sunrise at 5:00am at Pawleys Island, South Carolina
  12. My cute parents holding hands on the beach
  13. So proud of this! Some of my best work!!!
  14. My dad and I taken a quick selfie before Cheese Cake Factory with my girlfriends!!
  15. Me and my nerdy friends in the self proclaimed AP Calculus Cusp Club in togas!!
  16. Me and my sister's roommate's dog!! We fell asleep watching football!
  17. Buzz and I during Georgia Tech homecoming!!
  18. Sissy and I at T-swizzle!!!
  19. Best lemonade ever...and it comes in raspberry flavor!
  20. New fireplace outside with homemade grilled pizza!! So wonderful!
  21. My grandpa, my dad, and I early on with one of our first gingerbread houses!!
  22. Best way to eat!! WaHo at like 10:00pm after a tough swim meet!!