I was very varied...
  1. A teacher
    I think every little girl wants to be this for the first few years, then the salary comes into play and you realize...maybe not.
  2. An astronaut
    This one lasted a long time...my family went to the aero-space museum and watched a documentary on astronauts and my young brain processed my mom saying that I needed to leave home now to train to be an astronaut...that terrified me cause I love my parents and I never wanted to again...she actually Kent go to a camp too...oops!
  3. A writer
    I had this one until high school but quickly realized my writing was sup par.
  4. A book publisher
    I again love books and wanted to be in this field so I looked into publishing them...but junior year ruined me for English and I changed again.
  5. Cyber security
    I'm on a spy like faze in which I will work for the government protecting the nation from bad guys!
  6. Small time jewelry store owner
    I want to retire and start my own jewelry store called Claireations: the act or state of being beautiful. I make homemade jewelry now and wanted to share my knowledge with a small store that sold jewelry, the supplies, and had classes