5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

So not completely random, I realized scrolling through them how much purple in in my phone.
  1. The beautiful day I spent stuck at work
    This was actually the Fourth of July. I closed that night and there was a beautiful sunset that I got to see from my store. Then I had to listen to the fireworks that we're going off in a nearby park.
  2. My favorite sushi place
    They're closed now but damn was their sushi amazing. It was my go to place for happy hour too.
  3. The carnival I went to
    I went with my former best friend a few months ago, when it just started warming up.
  4. The last time I spent an entire day in NY
    I've gone since then for a show or to visit someone but that's the last time I spent my entire day there. We were killing time until the train came and there was this cool outdoor seating area.
  5. The banner over my bed
    It's usually Drake lyrics. I used to have a 'NO NEW FRIENDS' banner but I'm trying to be more positive