Shows I rewatch

Shows I have seen every episode of at least 3 times and a few of my favorite things about them. I'll definitely be updating as I think of them
  1. Bojack Horeseman
    Favorite Episode: Fish Out of Water is definitely my new favorite. We'll see if it holds up when I rewatch again / Character: Todd ( I could make a whole other list about why I love him: Aaron Paul, Hispanic, Ace, optimistic) / Line: In this terrifying world all we have are the connections that we make/Scene: Ana telling the story of when her car went off the road/ Running gag: too many to choose from... The signs Mr. Peanutbutter makes? The celebrity stealing club? Diane's ringtones? "ERICA!!"
  2. Trailer Park Boys
    Favorite Episode: / Character: J-Rock (eerahh)/ Scene: Lucy's reaction to Trinity being arrested/ Running gags: Ricky mispronouncing everything, Donny yelling in the background, shit-anything, Randy's gut, Corey-Trevor-Randy-Lahey aliases, Julian's drink in hand
  3. House of Cards
    Favorite Episode: Chapter 26 / Guest star: Joel Kinnaman/ Line: "Do you regret it, not having children?" "Do you ever regret having them?/ Running: knocking his ring on the table, sharing cigarettes, Rowing/ jogging
  4. It's Always Sunny
    Favorite Episode: CharDeeMacDennis/ guest star: Josh Groban/ Line"What is the best band in the world?" "Chumbawumba" also "I gained and lost 60 pounds in 3 months" "Wow, that's almost impossible" " Well first of all through God all things are possible so jot that down" / Running gags: The boys destroying Dee's cars, Lethal Weapon, Dee's gagging on stage, body mass, them singing