What I Wanted to Be Growing Up, Chronologically

Am I grown up?
  1. A bride.
    Not a wife. Just a professional, perpetual bride in a big poofy dress who eats big, fancy cakes.
  2. Ernie.
    He was the epitome of hilarious. This is still a goal.
  3. Teacher
    Until I went to school. Turns out, I hate school.
  4. Veterinarian.
    What do you mean I can't save all of them?
  5. Writer
    To live in New York City and write The Great American Novel. Not done with this one yet.
  6. Psychologist.
    Undergrad. Grad school. Loads of student debt. Learned what I don't want though, so, worth it.
  7. Writer.
    What's right always circles back.