"More" meaning "additional," not "more" meaning "better." We can't diminish yesterday's facts like that.
  1. The German version of the term “Average Joe” is Otto Normalverbraucher, which translates to “Otto normal consumer.”
  2. Officials at England’s Salisbury Cathedral had to remove a 20-foot-tall sculpture because patrons who were texting and walking kept bumping into it.
  3. A $6 bottle of wine—La Moneda Reserva Malbec— was awarded Platinum Best in Show at the 2016 Decanter World Wine Awards.
  4. Russian cosmonauts used to pack a shotgun in case they landed in Siberia and had to fend off bears.
  5. If drivers adhere to the 45 mph speed limit on a stretch of Route 66 in New Mexico, the road’s rumble strips will play a rendition of “America the Beautiful.”
  6. Bones found at Seymour Island indicate that, 37 to 40 million years ago, penguins stood at a formidable 6 feet tall and weighed 250 pounds.
  7. Mad Max director George Miller also directed Babe: Pig in the City.
  8. According to Academy rules, Oscar winners (or their heirs) can’t sell their statues unless they first offer it to the Academy for $1.
  9. Queen Elizabeth II has had over 30 corgis in her lifetime.
  10. The Telegraph calculated that adjusting for financial changes, Mr. Darcy from 'Pride and Prejudice' would be making about $18.7 million a year today.
  11. The oldest socks that have been discovered date to between 250 and 420 CE and feature split toes— meaning they were likely worn with sandals.
  12. Elvis Presley’s manager sold “I Hate Elvis” badges as a way to make money off of people who weren’t buying his merchandise.