1. Mister Rogers always mentioned out loud that he was feeding the fish because a blind girl once asked him to do so. She wanted to know the fish were OK.
  2. Melbourne gave some of its trees email addresses so that residents could report problems. Instead, the trees received love letters.
  3. Staff members of the Slovak and Slovenian embassies meet once a month to exchange incorrectly addressed mail.
  4. The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships are held in Finland. A recent winner said he prepared for the event by "mainly drinking.”
  5. It's illegal for supermarkets in France to waste food. Supermarkets must either compost or donate unsold or nearly expired goods to charity.
  6. In 2011, you could rent the whole country of Liechtenstein for $70,000 a night.
  7. In order to save lives, Volvo gave away the 1962 patent for their revolutionary three-point seatbelt for free.
  8. The Russians showed up 12 days late to the 1908 Olympics in London because they were using the Julian Calendar instead of the Gregorian Calendar.
  9. At the Gettysburg 50th reunion in 1913, two men purchased a hatchet, walked to the site where their regiments had fought, and buried it.
  10. Other names considered for "World Wide Web": "The Information Mesh" and "The Mine of Information."
  11. Blood donors in Sweden receive a thank you text when their blood is used.
  12. "Jay" was slang for "foolish person." So when a pedestrian ignored street signs, he was a "jaywalker."
  13. In Norway, "Texas" is slang for "crazy."
  14. Cape Disappointment in Washington experiences an average of 106 days of fog a year.
  15. India’s Dahala Khagrabari is the world’s only third-order enclave.
  16. It’s a patch of India inside a patch of Bangladesh, which is inside a patch of India—all of which is surrounded by Bangladesh.
  17. In 1997, Kleberg County, Texas, designated “Heaven-o” its official new phone greeting.
  18. If you open your eyes in a pitch-black room, the color you’ll see is called eigengrau.
  19. When a California farmer realized he was discarding 400 tons of carrots a day because they were too bent to be sold, he gave his harvest a makeover and shaved them down to snackable nubs.
  20. Today, baby carrots are a $1 billion business.
  21. Catnip isn’t just for housecats—it affects lions and tigers too.
  22. If your dog's feet smell like corn chips, you're not alone. The term "Frito Feet" was coined to describe the scent.
  23. German chocolate cake isn’t German. It’s named for Sam German, an American baker.
  24. The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn.
  25. The cotton candy machine was invented by a dentist.
  26. Thirty-five percent of people are born without wisdom teeth.
  27. As we continue to evolve, scientists believe that fewer and fewer humans will be born with wisdom teeth...
  28. ...or appendixes...
  29. ...or even little toes!
  30. In the original stage version of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s companion isn’t Toto, but a cow named Imogene.
  31. (It was easier to fit a human into a cow costume than a dog one.)
  32. The FBI investigated the song “Louie Louie” because the agency thought the lyrics were dirty.
  33. After three months, the FBI abandoned the investigation because it couldn’t make out the words.
  34. Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr was given a perpetual supply of beer piped into his house.
  35. The world’s shortest scheduled flight lasts 47 seconds. It covers just over a mile on Scotland’s Orkney Islands.
  36. Wild boars have been observed washing their food before eating.
  37. During the Eisenhower administration, the White House was wired to play Muzak.
  38. In 1967, the Nigerian Civil War ground to a halt for two days because both sides wanted to watch Pelé play in an exhibition soccer match.
  39. In 2006, an Australian man tried to sell New Zealand on eBay. The price rose to $3,000 before eBay shut it down.
  40. Winston Churchill's mother was born in Brooklyn.
  41. The first sales pitch for the Nerf ball was “Nerf: You can’t hurt babies or old people!”
  42. Neil Armstrong's astronaut application arrived a week past the deadline. A friend slipped the tardy form in with the others.
  43. Buzz Aldrin had to file an expense report for his business travel to the moon.
  44. According to a Forbes estimate, Scrooge McDuck is worth $65.4 billion.
  45. Salvador Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo.
  46. There's a Nikola Tesla statue in Palo Alto that provides free Wi-Fi.
  47. In oil-rich Azerbaijan, there are spas that offer 10-minute baths in warm crude oil.
  48. The Malta set from Robert Altman's 'Popeye' is now a family resort known as Popeye Village.
  49. A 3 Musketeers originally included three smaller bars: one vanilla, one chocolate, and one strawberry.